Sandy Strikes

So after travelling up the atlantic ocean, Sandy described by many as a potential superstorm swept into Atlantic City, New Jersey on October 29 2012 at around 8pm ET. National Hurricane Centre had warned that this was a storm like no other with the “storm surge” likely to cause heavy flooding and so it proved.

I was watching the events unfold on CNN and was amazed by some of the waves crashing against the beaches when Sandy was still 200+ miles from land! Surfers would have been in heaven with most of the waves .

One thing that struck me was how resilliant the people that were waiting for Sandy to strike bearing in mind this had already taken the lives of 70 people across the caribbean. I couldn’t help but think how this country (United Kingdom) would cope with a storm of that magnitude and it didn’t make pleasant thinking. We come to a halt with small amounts of snow so imagine a storm the size of UK lol

I remember watching CNN and following Twitter during the storm and there was 1 reporter who was broadcasting from Atlantic City, New Jersey, He was stood in the middle of the freeway upto his waist in water and getting blown around like a lotto ball in the lottery machine. Amazing dedication to the cause of journalism.

Now after the storm has passed and after 8 million people lost their power supplies and New York subways got flooded along with various states suffering at the hands of Sandy, the clean up is underway. it is going to take a few weeks to get back to normal, damage could run into excess of $20 Billion.

This is one storm that will remain for years to come


Been A Few Days…..

But i am back keystroking yet again to ell you all about the past few days which remarkably have been quite busy πŸ™‚

First of all how lousy is this weather being? I mean 16 degrees celsius and constantly raining!!!Β  Helloooo up in the sky, It is July in UK which means sunshine, 25+ degrees!!!Β  Get a grip will you!!

Ok calmness returns πŸ™‚

On saturday morning me and Helen walked down the hill into Stroud for the start of our weekend in London for our 11th weddiing annivesary, be no surprise that we got absolute drenched just walking that 1 mile lol, it’s times like that when i really do begin to dislike rural public transport links πŸ˜›

Anyway amazingly enough the train was bang on time at 08:03 and was quieter than i thought it would be so we managed to pick our own seats and not the reserved ones which would have put us 5 rows apart lol, i do wonder what wisdom these reservations get made when you are booking 2 tickets for travel and they seperate the reservations πŸ™‚

We arrived into Paddington station at around 09:45 and then the fun began so to speak, we decided to jump on the tube to Baker St and head for Madame Tussuads but when we got there we decided we may not have bothered as the queue for purchasing tickets was streched all the way down Marylebone Road and that was without the queues of at an estimate of 6-700 people and on top of that it was raining still!!

So off we trotted to Piccadilly Circus and the memories flooded back, i remember coming to London in the later eighties early nineties as a teenager/early 20’s and boy how it had all changed!!Β  For starters no Tower Records!!!! I knew it weren’t there from the media but even so!! lol

And i guess London is run by women seeing as there is 4 floors of M and M madness, so much so you can smell the ImageΒ  Chocolate lol, the kids would have loved it, just don’t expect to buy m and m’s as you would in the local shop or even at easter, as these are quite pricey for not a lot lol


Without telling you the whole itinerary of our trip i will just say we had a rather good day, so much so, we didnt know where the time went!!Β  Helen managed to go on Tower Bridge for the first time which she seemed to enjoy πŸ™‚

Our overnight stay was a Travelodge in Edmonton, just 25 Min’s from Central London and i was quite impressed as some travel lodges can be very droll, but this one was bright, clean, polite staff and not overheated for a change πŸ™‚

On the Sunday we decided to hit the London Eye, so we were on the Embankment by 09:50 and we timed it to perfection, from starting to queue to get tickets to boarding was no more than 10-15 Min’s!!!

ImageNow i am not known for my liking of heights, but to my surprise, i was absolutely fine and enjoyed it even more!Β  It helped that it was bright and clear when we were on it.

I will post some more images later tonight as time is catching up with me lol!!

Ok so today has…

Ok so today has been a pretty average day to be honest, popped into Stroud this morning but was back within the hour, jeez i can’t stand being in town for long, much prefer city centres or Reading town centre πŸ™‚

Done a few chores around helens house, hoover, washing up etc, David then rolled in with a warhammer model to build, oh how i remember those days only with me it was airfix πŸ™‚

Picked up the 2 young’uns from scholl and had madcap couple of hours with them before they went off to Stroud Fire Station with the cubs, i never got to do that in late 70’s zzzzzz

Made curry for tea which seemed to go down well with all so not a bad result, then spent evening on twitter trying to see what new players Reading Fc have been linked with, not much new to report only that a Right Back and Centre Back with be joining in next few days. Good times to be a Royals fan πŸ™‚

Now i off to plan me and wifes aniiversary weekend in London, could take a while lol



On A Go Slow

Good morning all, on this fine sunny, (did i say sunny?) wednesday morning!!!Β  πŸ˜€

I wish i could say i was going to be busy but als it is the opposite i,m afraid.

Looks like it could be a day for the Xbox, facebook and twitter, also will be continuing to set up my forum page which is at


Looking forward to spending the weekend is goold old London with Helen for our 11th wedding anniversary, Just hope the weather holds even just for 1 hour so the London Eye trip will be stunning πŸ™‚

Soccer Season Will Soon Be Upon Us!!!

So July 10th and Reading FC started their pre-season today by taking 22 players to Didcot Town, all youngsters and a few trialists.Β  On the same day we announce that Nicky Shorey is rejoining the club on a free transfer which will divide opinion i am sure.

So now the countdown is on until the first home game back in Premier League and even better than that once Soccer season has started it means NFL pre-season will only be a fortnight away!!!!!

Best of both worlds lol

Hello World :)

Well here i am, Joining the blog revolution, Don’t ask me what i am going to write about though lol

A little bit about me

I am 41 years old, currently not working due to having a couple of random seizures back in October 2011 due to me trying to give up smoking by taking Champix.

Married to Helen for almost 11 years and have 3 wonderful boys aged 18, 10 and 8, we live in stroud, Gloucestershire and have done for about 6 years.

I like all thing techy, music, sport, and photography