Sandy Strikes

So after travelling up the atlantic ocean, Sandy described by many as a potential superstorm swept into Atlantic City, New Jersey on October 29 2012 at around 8pm ET. National Hurricane Centre had warned that this was a storm like no other with the “storm surge” likely to cause heavy flooding and so it proved.

I was watching the events unfold on CNN and was amazed by some of the waves crashing against the beaches when Sandy was still 200+ miles from land! Surfers would have been in heaven with most of the waves .

One thing that struck me was how resilliant the people that were waiting for Sandy to strike bearing in mind this had already taken the lives of 70 people across the caribbean. I couldn’t help but think how this country (United Kingdom) would cope with a storm of that magnitude and it didn’t make pleasant thinking. We come to a halt with small amounts of snow so imagine a storm the size of UK lol

I remember watching CNN and following Twitter during the storm and there was 1 reporter who was broadcasting from Atlantic City, New Jersey, He was stood in the middle of the freeway upto his waist in water and getting blown around like a lotto ball in the lottery machine. Amazing dedication to the cause of journalism.

Now after the storm has passed and after 8 million people lost their power supplies and New York subways got flooded along with various states suffering at the hands of Sandy, the clean up is underway. it is going to take a few weeks to get back to normal, damage could run into excess of $20 Billion.

This is one storm that will remain for years to come