Ok so today has…

Ok so today has been a pretty average day to be honest, popped into Stroud this morning but was back within the hour, jeez i can’t stand being in town for long, much prefer city centres or Reading town centre 🙂

Done a few chores around helens house, hoover, washing up etc, David then rolled in with a warhammer model to build, oh how i remember those days only with me it was airfix 🙂

Picked up the 2 young’uns from scholl and had madcap couple of hours with them before they went off to Stroud Fire Station with the cubs, i never got to do that in late 70’s zzzzzz

Made curry for tea which seemed to go down well with all so not a bad result, then spent evening on twitter trying to see what new players Reading Fc have been linked with, not much new to report only that a Right Back and Centre Back with be joining in next few days. Good times to be a Royals fan 🙂

Now i off to plan me and wifes aniiversary weekend in London, could take a while lol




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